Green Philosophy by Roger Scruton – review | Books | The Guardian

by peterjukes

“Which side are you on? Will you stand by the gnarled oak of Englishness or will you bring on the bulldozers of soulless modernity? Can you appreciate beauty or are you an enraged devotee of contemporary art? Do you want wholesome food or tasteless, shrink-wrapped crap? Do you care about western civilisation or would you be happy to see it demolished? Are you one of us or one of them?”

Those who dwell in the valleys of uncertainty are liable to feel bullied by Scruton’s methods. If we value the kind of authors who are hard to pin down – Rousseau, say, or Marx, Mill or Derrida – we will wish he was not so eager to deride them. No one can be right all the time, after all, and none of us is immune to life’s ironies. Even if we agree with Scruton that many of the horrors of the past century are due to leftist authoritarianism, we might want to jog his memory about the NHS and other achievements of social democracy, and remind him that totalitarianism has right-wing forms as well.

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