Brown: News International a ‘criminal media nexus’ – Press Gazette

by peterjukes

“At all times I have defended the right of the press to expose any wrongdoing wherever it is found and to speak truth to power however uncomfortable it is and indeed was for me,” he said.

“It is my judgment that we should reform but never undermine something so fundamental to our ordered liberty, our twin commitments to both the freedom of the information and a free press.”

He added: “Many, many wholly innocent men, women and children who at their darkest hour, at the most vulnerable moment of their lives, with no-one and nowhere to turn, found their properly private lives, their private losses, their private sorrows, treated as the public property of News International.

“Their private and innermost feelings and their private tears bought and sold by News International for commercial gain.”

Brown added: “Amassed against these guiltless victims and against a succession of other victims of crime, whose names I know about and have seen, and have yet to be made public, this systematic use of base and unlawful methods … are not the misconduct of a few rogues or a few freelancers, but I have to say law-breaking often on an industrial scale, at its worst dependent on its links with the British criminal underworld.”

Brown said the revelations of the last ten days had given rise to “new crimes with new names”, such as blagging, hacking and Trojan emails which can break in to computers and not just phones.

via Brown: News International a ‘criminal media nexus’ – Press Gazette.