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by peterjukes

What do we think about Leveson so far? The Independents Ian Burrell has asked five interested veterans:Chris Horrie, co-author of the rightly famed book about The Sun, Stick It Up Your Punter, thinks the inquiry is a “circus horror show”. Asking Kelvin MacKenzie for advice on journalistic ethics, he says, “is like asking Harold Shipman for advice on medical ethics.”Michael Williams, journalism lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire thinks tabloid editors and owners “are expressing eccentric, rambling views on where the industry is going. It just conforms to the view that the press behave badly.”Peter Cole, head of the journalism department at Sheffield University, believes Lord Justice Leveson is “on a mission”, adding: “My feeling is that it [the inquiry] is probably going to do more to change things than I expected.”Tim Luckhurst, professor of journalism at Kent University, is relieved that the earlier “festival of whinging” has concluded: “Were beginning to move towards a more robust system of self-regulation which could conceivably have the desired effect”.George Brock, head of journalism at City University London, believes the inquiry has already succeeded in “making people think about what isnt right and how to change it”.

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