Neville Thurlbeck

by peterjukes

The News of the World’s ‘David Beckham’s Secret Affair’ splash is one of them.That scoop, in April 2004, put on more than 600,000 sales and it defined Andy Coulson’s editorship and won Scoop of the Year.For that, we paid Rebecca Loos a hefty six figure sum.My expenses alone amounted to precisely £45,285.38.This was because the operation was carried out in such secrecy, we didn’t even want to trust any agencies with our travel itineraries in case they were leaked.That meant I had to fork out personally for everything, including return flights to Australia and hotel rooms there for six weeks for myself and a female contact.Then there was six weeks in Spain with Rebecca Loos. Hotel rooms for both of us for four weeks plus the hire of a secluded villa in Sotogrande for two weeks where we hid Rebecca from the world’s press who were trying to find her.Then hire cars, meals for the girls etc. It was hellishly expensive and it all went on my Amex card.The managing editor Stuart Kuttner, a forensic examiner of expenses, signed off every one for me.

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