Neville Thurlbeck

by peterjukes

I worked there from 1988 onwards and I am aware of executives who witnessed practices which would send the share price crashing through the floor.

I expect much of this to come out in industrial tribunals and High Court actions by former members of staff.

But it is the irrevocable loss of trust which could sink it.

Like Jack Profumo doling out gruel at an East End soup kitchen or Richard Nixon on a round of speaking engagements, we may come to accept News International as no more than an interesting but flawed side-show.

But as we would no more think of voting either man back into office, so the readers will never think of trusting News International again.

This is the battle that News International face in the long term and it is one they will lose. The titles will be sold when Murdoch senior passes on – at the latest.

I have spoken to many current senior executives at News International over the past weeks. Many say they cannot get out quick enough. But no one is interested in having them.

via Neville Thurlbeck.