The Web Estate: a response to Alan Rusbridger | openDemocracy

by peterjukes

Drawing a line now will help to achieve this. It matters less where the line is than demonstrating that a potential monopolistic predator can’t have it all his own way.

But at the same time I am very reluctant to agree with the newspaper proprietors and the Director General of the BBC who have signed a joint letter opposing the takeover. There is a ‘bogy- isation’ of Murdoch. It projects onto him faults that lie with the accusers. He has often got where he has because of the feebleness of the British establishment. Opponents of the Australian-American tycoon should not line up in support of the status quo as the only alternative to him. Instead we need to go on the offensive over the baleful influence of page 3, assert the need for public standards in private media, and condemn the BBC for its cashing in on private sector salaries and expenses

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