The Web Estate: a response to Alan Rusbridger | openDemocracy

by peterjukes

Never forget, when it comes to the MSM in the UK that The Times was once the country’s ‘paper of record’. It was Britain’s hegemonic intelligence, its editorials ‘led’ official opinion not just the day’s paper. Its standards reinforced a culture of honour, integrity and monarchy. To be sure, in 1830 Cobbett denounced The Times for its support of the crushing of the labourers’ revolt (“the bloody old Times newspaper, which is the organ… of this hellish crew”) and so it went for a hundred years. In September 1938 it argued elegantly for appeasing Hitler. I don’t say The Times was right. Just that it was the organ of self-belief for society that believed in itself, its self-interest (naturally) and it had standards. Then it was sold to Rupert. When he was told that his expensive scoop of Hitler’s Diaries was a forgery his response was “after all, we are in the entertainment business”.

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