Glenn Mulcaire ordered to reveal who told him to hack phones – Telegraph

by peterjukes

Mulcaire was refused permission to appeal to the Supreme Court, however he has until 5pm on Monday to lodge an appeal against that refusal with the Supreme Court itself.

In a statement released after the hearing, Mulcaire said: “I intend to appeal this ruling to the Supreme Court, because this may affect my right to claim the privilege in other civil cases still being brought against me.”

However if permission to appeal the refusal is refused by the Supreme Court, Mulcaire may have to name those who instructed him immediately.

More than 800 hacking victims have been identified by the Metropolitan Police in the year since Operation Weeting, the investigation into the practice, was launched.

Last month 37 victims were given out of court settlements by News International ranging from £25,000 to £130,000. However many more cases are likely to be brought against the company.

Today Mr Coogan’s solicitor said that the decision to force Mulcaire to name the journalists who instructed him could have a significant impact on future cases.

John Kelly, of Schillings, said: “This is a very significant decision and is a landmark ruling in the area of privilege against self incrimination. The Coogan decision is likely to be relied upon by other phone hacking victims to assist them in their cases.”

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