Murdoch was told phone hacking was ‘rife’ at NOTW – Crime – UK – The Independent

by peterjukes

Had the email sent by Mr Myler in June 2008, which talked of a “nightmare scenario” of further phone hacking claimants, been made public around the time of its discovery by a “reviewer” in a crate of material recovered from the offices of the closed NOTW it is likely to have significantly heightened the pressure on Mr Murdoch.

Chris Bryant, the Labour MP and phone hacking victim who attended the AGM, said: “Had this information been available at the time of the AGM, I am sure more shareholders would have said ‘sorry James Murdoch but thank you very much and goodbye’.”

Writing to the House of Commons media select committee, which is investigating the phone hacking scandal, Linklaters partner John Turnbull said: “I do accept that the significance of this email ought to have been appreciated upon discovery by the Linklaters’ reviewer and it should have been drawn to the immediate attention of a partner in this firm.”

via Murdoch was told phone hacking was ‘rife’ at NOTW – Crime – UK – The Independent.