The end of James Murdoch by Michael Wolff – GQ.COM UK

by peterjukes

Rupert is political. James is apolitical. At the heart of the hacking scandal is James support of David Cameron, who he saw as a kind of post-ideological figure – exactly the kind of politician his father would have little interest in and quite a bit of contempt for. Hence, in an effort to court Ruperts favour, there was the deal, brokered by James lieutenant, Rebekah Brooks, to have Cameron hire News Corp loyalist and formerNews Of The Worldeditor Andy Coulson – which, arguably, turned the spotlight on the whole hacking affair. Rupert is clumsy, tongue-tied, inarticulate and, ultimately, real; James is hyper-articulate, scarily abstract and chameleon-like, a made-up character created out of his own ambition.

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