Neville Thurlbeck

by peterjukes

Rupert Murdoch was in psychological terms  what you would call a charismatic leader. He didn’t have to be there to lead. We all knew what Rupert wanted. In fact, the expression you would hear when important decisions were being made on stories or policy or whatever would be “what would Rupert think or what would Rupert do about this. What would he want us to do?” He was always there even when he was absent. And the very best leaders have this quality and he had it in abundance. I’m talking about late 80s now, early 90s right up until he became involved with Sky. And then there was a tangible sort of distance between Rupert and his newspapers. He wasn’t as hands on and I’ve heard editors say it would go three or four months without hearing from Rupert Murdoch which was highly unusual but his interests lay elsewhere gradually and I think his charismatic leadership qualities as well kind of evaporated with that distance.”

via Neville Thurlbeck.