Now The Sun tries to call in its favours from Downing Street – Crime – UK – The Independent

by peterjukes

In fact, the cash culture at NI tabloids has long been different from that on most other titles. In the period under investigation, many experienced Sun journalists became used to going to the ground floor “cashiers” to obtain wads of cash to entertain or pay contacts. In return for signed chits, sums of £500 or £1,000 were readily handed over by women sitting behind a screen of reinforced glass. One former NI executive said: “It was very tempting to go downstairs and reward your contact so that they didn’t go off to a rival paper.”

Mr Kavanagh also suggested that the Met investigation into journalistic malpractice was being “driven by politicians”. The reality is that it is being propelled by detectives angry at the damage the phone hacking scandal and allegations of corrupt officers has caused to the Yard’s reputation.

The ferocity of the police action has caused News Corp’s MSC to plead with the Met to be less aggressive, a gesture which may be designed to quell dissent inside the company. The action does not guarantee respite. Suddenly The Sun, a title that for decades has fought with the Daily Mail to be considered “the copper’s paper”, finds itself being thoroughly turned over by the police.

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