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by peterjukes

Human rights law costs £9bn a year


Published: 26 Apr 2011

THE hated European human rights act is costing the UK more than £9BILLION a year, experts said last night.

The law is used by celebs to hide their secrets behind superinjunctions and lets prisoners fight barmy causes in court.

Compensation claims created by the act — the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) — cost £7.1billion a year, while £2.1billion is paid out to ensure we follow the often ridiculous rules set down by Eurocrats.

Greedy lawyers are raking in another £250million a year to pursue human rights cases.

ECHR expert Dr Lee Rotherham, who calculated the enormous sums, said: “The cash we pay out is like a mountain. It’s monstrous. Those most to blame are the ones who abuse the courts to pursue their particular agenda.”

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