Damian Collins: The Black Hearts Who Hacked Milly Dowler’s Phone

by peterjukes

When Rebekah Brooks gave evidence to our committee in July 2011 I asked her whether she was aware that the News Of The World had passed messages hacked from Milly Dowler’s phone to the Surrey Police. She said that she had only become aware of the allegation that Milly’s phone had been hacked two weeks previously, and had no knowledge of information having passed on to the Surrey Police in 2002.

As I said to Rebekah Brooks at the time, I think it is incredible that that could have happened without the knowledge of senior people on the paper. It is one thing for someone to obtain illegally sourced information for a story and conceal that fact from the editor, but surely another to decide to pass that information to the police without telling anyone. It is also clear that there was a dialogue between the police and the News Of The World on the night of Saturday 13 April 2002 about changing the story that first ran, which led to them removing quotations of messages hacked from Milly’s phone from the later editions of the paper.

via Damian Collins: The Black Hearts Who Hacked Milly Dowler’s Phone.