Neville Thurlbeck

by peterjukes

If the snap recruitment drive is successful, the most dramatic print union battle since Wapping 1986 will commence.

Michelle Stanistreet’s bold aim is to depose the well-meaning but ineffective News International Staff Association and replace it with independent NUJ trade union muscle.

The aim is to defend the staff against the onslaught it now faces from the company’s Management and Standards Committee.

To achieve that she needs numbers. News International numbers.

She will undoubtedly get them, if the volume of emails I am receiving from staff indicates.

A quasi-independent body in the shape of the Management and Standards Committee is undermining their fundamental rights as journalists and employees.

It has no care or affection for News International, being drafted from careers spent elsewhere.

It has no loyalty to the company, its products or its staff.

Operating largely in silence, its only public pronouncement has been to defend itself by heaping more damaging slurs on the reputations of those it has turned in to the police.

The shocking accusation that Sun staff had put public officials, “effectively on a retainer”, was a cowardly attempt to save face by stabbing the staff who have served the paper so loyally.

Worse, the comment was given to Reuters anonymously and was therefore the slyest of stabs.

via Neville Thurlbeck.