Neville Thurlbeck

by peterjukes

When News International was ‘de-unionised’ in 1986, we all held our ‘individual, personal contracts’ and hoped for the best.

That worked well for a time. Maxwell was the villain and Murdoch the hero, offering superb working conditions and salaries.

And his paternal loyalty too. In 2000, he paid £360,000 in legal fees to defend me against the same claims facing the nine arrested Sun journalists he has effectively destroyed.

Murdoch’s plan is to use the MSC as a hired assassin in order to mitigate in any US prosecution brought under the Foreign and Corrupt Practices Act. The more ruthless the MSC, the greater the mitigation.

And that mitigation could save News Corp hundreds of millions of dollars in fines. And his son from jail.

via Neville Thurlbeck.