Michael Gove: another sign of desperation | Hacking inquiry – Hacked off

by peterjukes

Gove wants us to believe there is such a threat, I fear, because he wants to protect people and organisations which have no interest in better journalism, and which want the right to continue abusing the public. And remember – and again Leveson constantly repeats this but Gove fails to mention it – whatever recommendations emerge from the inquiry they will not have the force of law. They will go before parliament to be debated.Gove is entitled to his opinions. He is entitled to express them. The press is entitled to give them prominence and as they have an easy ride. If any of these entitlements were threatened in the slightest, Hacked Off would be the first to protest. But they won’t be. In the meantime we too are entitled to point out that Gove is talking nonsense and that papers that really cared about free expression and informing their readers would report the current press debate rather differently.But then, these people are desperate. They don’t have good arguments and they can only reach for, and publicise, bad ones. Another such bad argument will be along in a minute.

via Michael Gove: another sign of desperation | Hacking inquiry – Hacked off.