Prescribed Reading | Standpoint

by peterjukes

Taken together, they are evidence, first, of a resurgence of the unloveliest aspects of religion, supported by the theft of universalist language in defence of particularist causes; second, of the emergence of a global culture of denunciation, aided by the internet; and third, of the oppression by the plutocratic of investigative writers, relying on new or newly extended laws protective of their undeserved privacy and reputation. All this finds expression in censorship.

Cohen is right about this, and right about many other things too. He is right that censorship is one thing, not other things. He is against the inflation in meaning of words that insists that everything is censorship — because then nothing is censorship. It is not, for example, mere manipulation, or “spin”. He is also right to distinguish between types of censorship.

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