Murdoch settles lawsuits, but dangers still lurk –

by peterjukes

James Murdoch has denied being a party to the coverup, blaming his former underlings for keeping him in the dark about what was going on. They have in turn accused their former boss of not telling the truth about what he knew and when.

Meanwhile the lawsuits keep coming, including one from Cherie Blair, the wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is taking the company to court over allegation that her phone messages were intercepted too.

Details about the terms of Church’s settlement were not disclosed Thursday, but they may be made public next week.

Church, a popular singer who is now 25, has been famous in Britain since her early teens. In December she testified before Britain’s media ethics committee, complaining bitterly about how Rupert Murdoch’s tabloids had used illegal means to pry into her private life.

She said the constant media scrutiny was unbearable, complaining that a tabloid reported she was pregnant before she had even told her parents, news she felt had to come either from surveillance or phone hacking.

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