Newt looks booked for a White House bid – World – News – The Independent

by peterjukes

After six months of squabbling, Newt Gingrich’s multi-million-dollar book show is finally on the road. The question that now titillates political Washington is – will a planned national tour this summer promote not a book but a Gingrich run for the presidency?

On Thursday the House Speaker’s controversial literary career took a major step forward as a hopelessly divided House ethics committee, which has been looking into allegations of impropriety against him, abandoned its efforts to come up with an agreed recommendation.

That same evening, Mr Gingrich was in New York signing a contract with Rupert Murdoch’s HarperCollins for To Renew America, the ideological manifesto for which he was to get an advance of $4.5m (pounds 2.8m) until a public outcry forced him to scale that sum down to a more modest sum of just $1. He will, however, receive 15 per cent royalties on hardback, and 7.5 per cent on paperback sales.

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