Charlotte Church settles NoW phone-hacking claim for £600,000 | Media | The Guardian

by peterjukes

n one of the most shocking incidents, the court heard how Maria Church was coerced into giving an interview to the paper when she was at her most vulnerable, after an attempted suicide seven years ago.

“Maria in particular is a vulnerable person, with a complex medical history. The News of the World found out about this and published private details of her hospital treatment,” the high court heard.

“At her lowest moment, the News of the World issued her with an ultimatum and coerced her into giving them an in-depth interview about her self-harming and attempted suicide. She felt she had no choice but to give the interview and was deeply traumatised by the publication of the story in the News of the World.”

The statement said the paper began hacking Charlotte Church’s phone in 2002, that it also obtained details of a relationship with her first teenage boyfriend and published them and continued to intercept her voicemails for “many years”.

via Charlotte Church settles NoW phone-hacking claim for £600,000 | Media | The Guardian.