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by peterjukes

Chris Bryant, the Labour MP, has claimed that in light of recent revelations the News International phone-hacking scandal could turn out to be the biggest case of corporate corruption in the UK for more than 250 years.

Bryant told a Westminster Hall private members’ debate on media regulation on Tuesday that his “poor researcher” had counted 486 lies told to parliament by News International, the police and other organisations about phone hacking and related investigations.

The Labour MP, who received £30,000 in damages from NI in January to settle his News of the World phone-hacking claim, also said evidence given to the Leveson inquiry on Monday suggested that a “culture of mass corruption was intrinsic to the Sun’s modus operandi”.

He added that Monday’s Leveson evidence about the Met’s original investigation into News of the World phone hacking also showed that Scotland Yard had been “suborned” and effectively become a subsidiary of News International.

Bryant, who sponsored Tuesday’s debate, said the phone-hacking affair still had some way to go before it reached its conclusion. “I suspect we’ve just crept into act 4, scene 2.”

He claimed it was now known that senior figures at News International ordered the mass destruction of evidence. The cover-up went to the highest levels at News International, Bryant said, and this in the end may turn out to be the biggest crime of all.

He also said that directors of News Corporation, News International’s parent company, had failed to take their responsibilities seriously enough

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