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by peterjukes

“Rees and [others] have for a number of years been involved in the long-term penetration of police intelligence sources,” one progress report stated. “They have ensured that they have live sources within the Metropolitan Police Service and have sought to recruit sources within other police forces. Their thirst for knowledge is driven by profit to be accrued from the media…”

Examples of those media contacts were revealed over the following few weeks. In April, Rees was heard expressing concern over CIB’s arrest of a long-time associate, ex-Detective Constable Duncan Hanrahan, who ran his own private investigation company, Hanrahan Associates, with another former DC, Martin King, who was later jailed for corruption. Although Hanrahan had turned supergrass, giving information about others, including King and Rees, he was jailed for nine years after confessing to a string of corruption and conspiracy charges, including his involvement in a plan to rob a courier bringing £1m in cash through Heathrow airport.

Rees appears to be explaining to someone over the phone that Hanrahan is passing information to them about CIB’s questioning. According to the transcript, Avon (Rees) says: “Hanrahan said what [CIB] want to do is fuck us all. He said they keep talking about the fucking Morgan murder every time they see me.” But later in the same taped conversation Rees also talks about having sold a story to a reporter. The intelligence he sold concerned Kenneth Noye, the notorious criminal then being held at Belmarsh top security prison, following extradition from Spain to face trial for the M25 road rage murder. Rees says he provided information about how GCHQ was involved in tracking down Noye. He also claims to have given a reporter information about what he calls “personal services” being provided to Noye in Belmarsh.

In another conversation, Rees calls a source and asks: “How are you getting on with that story?” The ensuing conversation is summarised in the CIB transcript as having included mention of David Copeland, the neo-Nazi London nailbomber, then also in Belmarsh awaiting trial. Copeland was said to be in a cell next to a black prisoner. The pair hated each other. Rees asks the caller “if he can find out more about Copeland and the messages he’s receiving from God”.

A serving police officer was passing information to Rees about the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, according to a CIB report for May. The report continues: “Rees and [others] are actively pursuing contacts with the police and business community to identify potential newsworthy stories. They then sell the information to the national media. The investigation has so far identified a serving police officer who has supplied confidential information and private investigators who can supply phone and bank accounts details of any person.”

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