Marunchak: Tom Watson allegations ‘absolutely untrue’ – Press Gazette

by peterjukes

Watson’s comments about my professional dealings with murder victim Daniel Morgan are absolutely untrue.

I do not doubt that Morgan’s family now believe he was on the verge of exposing police corruption before he died.

If that was indeed a motive for his death – then I know nothing about it.

The reason is that I never heard of Daniel Morgan or Southern Investigations until after his murder.

He never phoned me, contacted or met me, neither directly nor through a third party, by telephone or letter or by any other method.

Nor did he leave graffiti sprayed on walls for me to spot on the way to work which asked me to contact him.

But, I admit, for all I know, he may even have employed someone claiming to have ESP powers to contact me.

Sadly, for Mr Watson, I did not receive any ESP messages either.

via Marunchak: Tom Watson allegations ‘absolutely untrue’ – Press Gazette.