Met spent £5,000 on Yates’s legal bill without authorisation – Home News – UK – The Independent

by peterjukes

Police sources said they believed the additional funding had been authorised, but the MPA has demanded an “urgent investigation” after its chairman, Kit Malthouse, was forced to apologise to MPs for providing incorrect information about the amount spent on legal fees. He also had to write to the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee to correct the figure.

An MPA source said Mr Malthouse was “not best pleased” at the disclosure of the additional spending.

Mr Malthouse said: “I have asked for an urgent inquiry as to why my decision to cap that expenditure was not adhered to.”

The alleged unauthorised overspend came to light during the new Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan Howe’s first appearance before the MPA last week. In response to a question from Liberal Democrat authority member Dee Doocey, Mr Hogan Howe said that in addition to a previously disclosed payment to Carter Ruck of £1,175 in March this year, the Yard had paid out a further £6,000 the following month. Carter Ruck, which has a reputation for aggressively pursuing its clients’ defamation claims, sent letters to newspapers on behalf of Mr Yates after a story in The Guardian and other outlets about his decision in 2009 not to reopen the Yard’s investigation into the hacking affair.

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