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by peterjukes

Accepting the award, Rusbridger said that he had enjoyed two important elements of luck – the luck to spend most of his career working for a newspaper that had no proprietor and was owned by a trust; and the luck to work with excellent journalists such as Nick Davies, who led the Guardian’s reporting into the phone-hacking scandal.

On phone hacking, he reflected that “journalism is an immensely powerful force in society, and it is precisely because of its power that it merits scrutiny”. He said the most important lesson of the ongoing saga was the central role played by the reporter, the worker bees of the information world.

Without reporters like Nick Davies, or Anthony Shadid and Marie Colvin – who died in separate incidents recently in Syria – Rusbridger said, “we are in serious trouble”. He added that the phone-hacking story had taken “serious reporting to expose journalism at its most reprehensible”.

Rusbridger succeeds last year’s winner of the career award, Frank Rich, the New York Times’s former theatre critic and columnist who now writes for New York magazine. Previous winners include the investigative writer Seymour Hersh; the editor of ProPublica Paul Steiger; TV personalities such as Barbara Walters, Christiane Amanpour and Dan Rather; and Ted Turner, founder of the first 24-hour cable news channel CNN.

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