Security scare over wedding car hire firm run from top terror police chief’s home | Mail Online

by peterjukes

Questions have been raised over the judgment of Britain’s top anti-terror police chief after it emerged that a wedding car hire business – including one of his own cars – is being run from his home.

Promotional photographs show classic cars parked on the front driveway of the home of Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick.

The business uses former police officers as chauffeurs for the stable of vintage Rolls-Royces.

Mr Quick, who sanctioned the  highly controversial arrest of Tory MP Damian Green and the raid on his House of Commons office, has been told to carry out checks on publicity material and internet advertising for the business.

The senior policeman, who is in charge of combating the Al Qaeda threat, even hires out his personal seven-litre 130mph Jensen sports car through the business.

One senior Yard source said: ‘Bob Quick needs to ask himself whether he is happy that all this is out and about. There will need to be a review, bearing in mind his position. He needs to review all of this.’

Yard sources admitted that the website and promotional material could pose a threat to his personal safety and said they would look at removing some of the details they contain.

It is understood that Mr Quick did not inform his superiors that the car hire business was being operated from his home.

However, he is not under obligation to do so as it is run by his wife Judith.

The fact that steps are being taken only now to check for security breaches shows that, since he took up his post in March, there has been no thorough and effective assessment of the Assistant Commissioner’s security.

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