Wapping: legacy of Rupert’s revolution | Business | The Observer

by peterjukes

His promises of a bright new future for journalism never materialised, just like the swimming pool he promised for the new plant. Wages for journalists have slumped in real terms. Far too many are desk-bound, and staffing levels are inadequate in many national titles as well as in the regional press. Instead of investing in quality journalism, companies are spending millions on promotional gimmicks, and as a result we’re awash with CDs that nobody wants to listen to.

Murdoch has used the profits from his newspaper titles to extend his grip on other industries, such as sport, through BSkyB. One way or another, most people in this country line his pockets. Yet he pays next to no tax in the UK; he changed his nationality to further his business interests, and considers he’s got the right to choose our next prime minister.

Like Murdoch, other newspaper bosses constantly hunt for ways to do things on the cheap – an attitude that smacks of disdain for the readers buying their papers. And the public is voting with its feet: circulation continues to drop and today’s newspaper owners find themselves managing a steady decline.

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