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by peterjukes

EMMA ALBERICI: Throughout the 1990s Natalie Rowe ran the Black Beauties escort agency, hiring out prostitutes for $500 an hour.

Her boyfriend at the time was William Sinclair – a descendent of one of the biggest landowners in the UK.

He and George Osborne were members of Oxford University’s Bullingdon Club, a male only institution with a reputation for heavy drinking and rioting.

(to Natalie Rowe) Were you friends?

NATALIE ROWE: Me and George?



EMMA ALBERICI: And did it ever become more than friendship?


EMMA ALBERICI: What did George Osborne think about your line of work?

NATALIE ROWE: He was very intrigued. What initially happened was is that William and George and Christopher, I’d left them at my apartment. I initially kept it a secret from William. I mean they knew that I had an escort agency but they didn’t know what I did.

When I got back they’d found the paddles and the whips, the chains and the handcuffs. But they found it quite amusing.

And you know I thought it was going to be more horrific an experience. That, you know, William was going to be really you know peed off by his girlfriend you know doing, what was she doing with all this stuff. You know but it’s come clean. And I said look, like to dominate men. And George was pretty intrigued indeed about that side of me.

EMMA ALBERICI: In 1994 Natalie Rowe became pregnant to William Sinclair. They threw a party to celebrate.

Photographs taken that night show George Osborne smiling with his arm around Natalie Rowe. A white powder on the table in front of them is said to be cocaine.

Natalie Rowe is adamant that she wasn’t taking drugs that night because she was carrying her son.

NATALIE ROWE: I mean it’s been said in the newspapers that he was at university. He wasn’t. At the time he was working for William Hague. I remember that vividly because he called William Hague insipid and I didn’t know what the word meant. I do now. So he definitely was in government by then but I think he was getting more and more of a high profile.

So there was definitely, there was cocaine on that night on the table. George Osborne did take cocaine on that night. And not just on that night. He took it on a regular basis with me, with his friends.

There were more witnesses, not just me, that witnessed George Osborne taking cocaine. So it’s you know, there are other people out there that know the truth.

On that particular night he had taken a line. And I said to George jokingly that when you’re prime minister one day I’ll have all the dirty goods on you. And he laughed and took a big fat line of cocaine.

EMMA ALBERICI: That day did come after she’d watched George Osborne and David Cameron in the House of Commons refuse to answer questions about whether they’d taken illegal drugs.

After some negotiation she decided to sell her story to The Sunday Mirror. She was then shocked when on the same day it was published on page one of the News of the World.

Police have since told her that reporters from Rupert Murdoch’s biggest selling newspaper were hacking into her phone.

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