Injunction threat over Will Lewis security blog post – Press Gazette

by peterjukes

Lawyers acting for News International general manager Will Lewis threatened blogger and former News of the World journalist Neville Thurlbeck with an injunction on Wednesday.

Mishcon re Reya wrote to Thurlbeck after he published a blog post alleging that Lewis had engaged a private security firm amid resentment at News International over the recent arrests of Sun journalists.

Former Telegraph editor Lewis is a leading member of the News Corp management and standards committee which has passed on information to the Met Police leading to the arrests of 11 Sun journalists as part of a bribes inquiry. All are currently on police bail and have yet to be charged with anything.

According to Thurlbeck, Lewis engaged a company called Quantum Security to improve security at his north London home. The blog also made other claims about Lewis and the MSC which Mishcon de Reya said were libellous.

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