New Statesman – Smooth operator

by peterjukes

There is something ridiculous about a billionaire with access to No 10 and the White House portraying himself as the arch-enemy of established power. As for political and economic freedom, this champion has shown himself the uncritical defender of the worst remaining communist dictatorship on earth, in China.

This is the man whose Sunday Times campaigned to prove that HIV was not the cause of Aids, and lied about the Gibraltar documentary Death on the Rock. His Fox TV has become a byword for chauvinistic ranting, yet his publications have the chutzpah to lecture the BBC about the quality of its journalism. Now he seems to have acquired the same influence over Blair as he did over Thatcher. He calls anyone who stands in his way an elite snob while he picks our political pockets. We have been warned.

via New Statesman – Smooth operator.