BBC – Media Centre – Mark Thompson: The BBC in 2012 and beyond

by peterjukes

Here in the midst of the most serious media scandal this country has ever seen, it’s hard to remember how large the BBC’s and broadcasting’s editorial problems of 2007 and 2008 loomed at the time. But I do remember one day – Friday 13th of July, 2007, as luck would have it – when we were dealing with the following:

First, the full storm of understandable public outrage over the Queen documentary had hit us. The splash in that morning’s Times was “Crisis of trust after BBC says sorry again” in a font size which a short-sighted mole could have read at twenty paces, but which seemed to take a little longer to find when that newspaper reported its own rather more recent computer-hacking scandal.

Second, it was also the day when I was handed a list of six more programmes – all of them incredibly precious household names – where we’d found serious irregularities in the way they’d run competitions.

Finally, that afternoon a colleague popped their head round the door to say: ‘I’m sorry Mark, but we seem to have lost around a fifth of the staff’s payslips. With their bank details.’ ‘Of course you have,’ I said. Although that last one mercifully turned out to be a false alarm, you take the point.

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