James Murdoch Rising Son | Malcolm Knox | The Monthly

by peterjukes

Perhaps James Murdoch has always been stung by the tag ‘college dropout’, first levelled by Tunku Varadarajan in the Wall Street Journal when James gave an obsequiously pro-China speech in 2000. The WSJ was a constant bee in the Murdoch bonnet – until they bought it. However, with his choice to make ‘creationism versus evolution’ his impressive guiding metaphor, James opened numerous cans of worms. What he meant to do was equate creationism with centralised-state planning. But, as he said, creationism  “crops up in some surprising places” – think Fox News, the Murdochs’ American cable news network. There is not enough space here to catalogue the pro-creationism pedigree of Murdoch media, nowhere near enough space. For James to smear creationism, then, shows at the very least a refreshing innocence of what goes on under the News Corp banner.

It is this innocence that most endeared him to Hufschmid when she met him in 1997. She told Wendy Goldman Rohm that James loves the romantic idea of a “seersucker suit … panama hat and Mint Julep” and that he often exclaims in wonder at sights from an aircraft. “If you think anyone was going to be jaded or cynical or worldly or whatever, then it would be him,” she said. “It was always something I was so impressed with when we first met.” They have two children, Anneka, born in 2003, and Walter, born in 2006.


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