James Murdoch Rising Son | Malcolm Knox | The Monthly

by peterjukes

It was the same for James’ grandfather. Recently uncovered ABC archives from the 1930s provided a reminder of Keith Murdoch’s opposition to the ABC gathering its own news and broadcasting before the release of the evening newspapers. Keith Murdoch can be seen as a father of convergence: in 1937, when he opened his first radio station in Melbourne, he said that his “Melbourne Herald was one of the first newspapers in the world to develop the theory that newspaper work and broadcasting could be joined to the advantage of all concerned.” He added that radio should be run by private enterprise, not the ABC. Murdoch even lobbied Canberra – unsuccessfully, as it happened – to change the legislation governing the ABC to prevent it from conducting its own journalism. Much has been said about James revealing himself as his father’s son; add to this that he is his grandfather’s grandson, too.

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