Conman says Sun was hacking first

by peterjukes

THE conman Peter Foster claims to have spoken with a private investigator who hacked his conversations on behalf of The Sun newspaper in Britain in 2002.

Mr Foster, now living on the Gold Coast, said his new evidence showed the phone hacking scandal extended well beyond the News of the World newspaper.

Mr Foster said he was contacted by two Australian Federal Police officers on Friday, March 9, and they told him his phone number had been found on computers seized under Operation Weeting, the British investigation into phone hacking at Rupert Murdoch’s News International.

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Bad press … Rupert Murdoch’s News International is being investigated over its phone hacking scandal. Photo: Reuters

The AFP has not confirmed that its officers approached Mr Foster on behalf of British authorities, but he alerted news organisations to the contact last week.

He said he then received an email from a Dublin-based private investigator calling himself ”Autarch”, who told Mr Foster he tapped into his mother’s phone in December 2002.

That month, The Sun published the ”Foster tapes”, which featured transcripts of Mr Foster talking about selling the story of his links with Tony Blair’s wife, Cherie. Yesterday, Mr Foster said he had since had a Skype conversation with the investigator in Dublin, in which Autarch described how he tapped into Mr Foster’s mother’s phone.

”He said she was using an analogue telephone which they were able to intercept,” Mr Foster said. Autarch said he discussed the hacking with Sun journalists.

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