As ‘Murdoch’s Scandal’ Unravels, Many Implicated : NPR

by peterjukes

This is the News Corporation – that’s its title. It does own some really legitimate news outlets, like The Wall Street Journal. It owns a television news operation on cable and it seems unfettered in what it’s willing to talk about. Over the top, sometimes. I think it’s even proud of that. And it owns reputable newspapers in Britain as well as these tabloids. And no one will talk? And that’s what really surprised me, across the boards – silence. And I even went to the extent of writing letters, personal letters, to two dozen people inside the organization after trying to talk to people of the phone, and the only response was a letter from Rupert Murdoch himself.

GROSS: Saying?

BERGMAN: A very short note, saying he was unable to talk about this at this time. But everyone else – it’s been silence. And – but except for The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page, and I tried them as well. They have written editorials about it complaining about some of the coverage.

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