As ‘Murdoch’s Scandal’ Unravels, Many Implicated : NPR

by peterjukes

BERGMAN: Nick Davies happened to be going to a dinner party and he was sitting next to, it turned out, a senior official at Scotland Yard. And he had been following the eight victims who had been identified as a result of the phone-hacking investigation, at least publicly by Scotland Yard, who had filed lawsuits. And he turned his dinner partner and he said, is it only eight victims? Is it only eight people who had been pursuing settlements or lawsuits who had been hacked? And the gentleman turned and said, oh no, thousands. And that set Nick Davies off on a quest to find out more. To find out if it was thousands there must have been many, many more victims and many thousands of voicemails hacked. And he turned out to be right.

via As ‘Murdoch’s Scandal’ Unravels, Many Implicated : NPR.