Murdoch Faces Allegations of Sabotage – Slashdot

by peterjukes

Neil Chenoweth, of the Australian Financial Review, reports that the BBC program Panorama is making new allegations against News Corp of serious misconduct. This time it involves the NDS division of News Corp, which makes conditional access cards for pay TV. It seems that NDS also ran a sabotage operation, hiring pirates to crack the cards of rival companies and posting the code on The House of Ill Compute, a web site hosted by NDS. ITV Digital collapsed in March 2002 with losses of more than £1 billion, overwhelmed by mass piracy, as well as technical restrictions and expensive sports contracts. Its collapse left Murdoch-controlled BSkyB the dominant pay TV provider in the UK. Chenoweth reports that James Murdoch has been an advocate for tougher penalties for pirates, These are property rights, these are basic property rights, he said. There is no difference from going into a store and stealing a packet of Pringles or a handbag, and stealing something online. Right?”

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