The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry

by peterjukes

We have looked with care at the whole of the evidence of Mr Adams. There are strange features to it – and it is indeed surprising that an officer of his status came into the case simply in connection with this one letter. In the end however we are satisfied that it is not established that Mr Adams did anything other than that which he told us that he had done. He signed the letter in the absence of those who were perhaps the right people to sign it, in order to be helpful, and in order to relieve Mr Weeden of the burden which Mr Weeden said he was bearing, namely the requests for information by Mr Khan.

31.16 It should perhaps be added that at the end of Mr Adams’ evidence, after he had been questioned on behalf of the MPS and other police officers, he was asked to remain behind since there might have been an application to recall him. No such application was ever made. His evidence therefore remains as given on the two days to which we have referred.

31.17 Whatever may be the suspicions of Mr & Mrs Lawrence’s legal team there was never any substantiation of the allegations which were made and which no doubt conditioned the nature of the long cross-examination by Mr Mansfield.

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