by peterjukes

May 8th is a big day in the calendar

for many reasons. It’s Gary Glitter’s

birthday. It was the day in 1999 that

Livin’ La Vida Loca got to number one

in the US. And of course, it’s V-E day,

commemorating the end of the second

world war in Europe. But this year

it’s got added significance for staff

at News International. It’s the day

that they’re expecting charges to

be made relating to Operation Weeting,

the police investigation into phone

hacking at NOTW. There are currently

19 people on bail in this investigation,

plus a hell of a lot of ex-employees

keeping an anxious eye on the calendar

in the hope they get to May without

a visit from Plod. But though there

may only be six weeks until then, trials

aren’t expected to take place until 2014.

via Latestissue.