Murdoch’s inside job

by peterjukes

In 1999, the year James Cameron was winning Oscars for Titanic, which made so much money for News, how did the Murdoch empire come to be running a private security force with an annual budget between $5 million and $10 million?

At the heart of the drama that is playing out is the modern world’s desperate need for security.

Our bank accounts, our personal details, our communications – a great part of our life, is stored as data. To protect it, the data must be encrypted, often with microchips mounted on smartcards. Our secrets must be safe.

That’s why the figure of the hacker is so threatening. Whether it is Julian Assange or online groups such as Anonymous of Lulzsec, the appearance of the hacker is the signal for deployment of investigators, of security firms, specialist police units and intelligence agencies.

But what happens when it isn’t a government calling in the spooks? What happens when it is a company that goes into the intelligence business?

The short answer is that hiring former spies and intelligence officers changes the culture of a corporation.

And that’s what seemed to happen at News Corporation and its problem child, NDS.

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