Murdoch’s inside job

by peterjukes

There was a second arm to the Operational Security strategy. In addition to chasing pirates, Hasak’s “Black Hat” team set out to recruit top hackers, turning them first into informants and then using their expertise to learn how to reverse engineer or deconstruct the smartcards of their rivals.

German master hacker Oliver Kömmerling set up a laboratory in Haifa and trained NDS staff to use micro probes, optical microscopes, micro-laser cutters and a focused ion beam machine to peel away the microchips used by rival companies in their smartcards – the Seca card produced by Canal Plus in France, the Nagra card used by US satellite broadcaster Echostar, the South African-Dutch Irdeto card and the Viaccess card by France Telecom.

The process on the Nagra card was completed in October 1998 – and within days, part of the same code was published on a piracy site called run by a Canadian called Al Menard

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