BBC News – Private detectives given jail terms for ‘blagging’

by peterjukes

In 2008 a Soca officer answered an online advert to buy Summers’ Apple computer. From its hard drive – which Summers had failed to wipe properly – computer forensics experts were able to obtain dozens of incriminating emails and other documents.

They showed he had been working for three other private investigators – Smith, his colleague Freeman, and retired Metropolitan Police detective Spears.

Daniel Summers was commissioned by the others to ring up and get confidential information.

They had commissioned him to obtain confidential details using his blagging skills.

In one case Freeman and Smith tasked Summers with targeting a family-owned property developing firm.

Summers managed to obtain the maiden name of the mother of the owners, her place of birth, detailed transactions from at least four bank accounts, information about a credit card account and a mobile phone account.

Summers charged the two private detectives £200 for each one-month bank statement he obtained and £50 for “credit card trawls”.

They, in turn, were paid more than £14,000 by their client – a company which had asked for the information.

Soca has refused to disclose the identity of the “client” in this case.

via BBC News – Private detectives given jail terms for ‘blagging’.