No agenda but the news

by peterjukes

The Weekend Australian suggested on its Inquirer section cover and then in an editorial that the Financial Review had exhumed claims that had surfaced more than a decade ago in a series of court cases which NDS had either won or had dropped, and that the mountain of email evidence from NDS executives was the same as used in one of those cases.

Moreover, the timing of the Financial Review’s publication had “more than a whiff of conspiracy about it’’. The “only possible conclusion’’ was that Fairfax Media was deliberately using its financial daily to damage its chief rival.

The Financial Review was hypocritically engaging in “the same standard trade practice’’ it had accused NDS and News of in seeking to “eliminate’’ its main rival. The Financial Review was a pawn in the same kind of dirty tricks campaign.

A related initial reaction from News suggested the Financial Review was claiming that NDS had sought “to undermine Austar so that Foxtel could bid for it 13 years later’’, an idea it argued was far-fetched and laughable.

Putting other personal character references aside, it is important to respond, if only in the interests of Financial Review readers.

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