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by peterjukes

Judith has been telling people that something has changed at News Corp. It’s not the same company anymore. Murdoch himself has changed. His third wife, Wendi Deng Murdoch, is part of the problem. It’s her craving for respectability that has made Murdoch weak, according to Judith. She might even be … liberal. Peter Chernin is … a Democrat. Gary Ginsberg worked for Clinton. Murdoch is forsaking his tabloid heart in the quest for mainstream, yuppie respectability. The greatest, most audacious media company of the age had become like any other—pitiably concerned about what people think. News Corp. is selling out. Judith Regan isn’t.

In the January 2005 issue, Vanity Fair published “The Devil and Miss Regan,” a profile of Regan by Judith Newman.

In January 2007, published James Wolcott’s exclusive review of O.J. Simpson’s If I Did It.

In February 2007, posted an excerpt from Because She Can, a novel by former ReganBooks editor Bridie Clark.

Photograph by Amy Sussman/Getty Images.

There might be something to this. Murdoch, over the last few years, has certainly morphed from a dark, ruthless, diabolical figure into a more complex, thoughtful, and, as he aged, vulnerable media sage.

Judith, the tabloid monster, is, in some sense, the skin he’s shed.

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