The Trouble with Judith | Culture | Vanity Fair

by peterjukes

Everybody at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., which gave Judith her great platform, her carte blanche (HarperCollins is my book publisher; for years, I’ve been sharing Judith stories with people there), was used to it, inured to it. “Sure, absolutely, no question, we’ve heard this all before, but there comes a tipping point,” says a senior News Corp. executive about the charge of anti-Semitism that finally got her fired when I press about why now, why the company hadn’t gotten rid of her years ago.

You can reduce the most difficult employee who ever existed to just an H.R. problem. Or you can see her in more co-dependent terms: she’s not just a News Corp. employee but its creation—unlikely to be tolerated anywhere else.

Or, maybe, she’s the last of the tabloid originals, a throwback, full of piss and vinegar, larger than life, finally subdued by the bland bureaucrats of corporate media.

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