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by peterjukes

In 2009, Laura Scott was interviewed by the paper about her decision to not have children which, she wrote, stemmed from a lack of desire for biological children. The article was changed into a ghostwritten first person piece intimating childless adults hate parents and was full of factual inaccuracies. In the piece, Scott’s friend Marie calls her “selfish” for not having children. “I do not have a friend called Marie,” Scott wrote on her blog.

Writer Anna Blundy has blogged about her experience writing for the Daily Mail after writing an article about how it felt to have a war correspondent as a father who died on the job when she was younger. The editors wanted her to spin her article as an attack on female war correspondents who leave their children behind and therefore stuck in lines such as “I strongly disagree with Janine di Giovanni,” which Blundy kept deleting. Due, presumably, to her refusal to condemn Di Giovanni and her late father, Blundy says her piece was spiked.

In 2010, Cat Hughes says she pitched an article to the Daily Mail’s Femail section about how coming off benefits had helped her self-esteem.

“Let me start by admitting that yes, I was incredibly naive. I was also ill and, frankly, desperate to earn money as a freelance writer (that being all I can do now as I have to work from home). The fee that I received was like a dream come true for a mother of four kids who used to be the main breadwinner and whose incapacity was leading her family towards huge debt and the likely loss of their home,” Hughes told me when I interviewed her for this piece. “I wanted to write about my experience of being horribly ill, but finding solace and focus in work.”

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