BBC NEWS | UK | Rebekah Wade: Profile

by peterjukes

Last chanceA significant feature of her reign as editor at the Sun has been that the paper has become more critical of the Labour government.Despite this, the paper still came out in support of the party two weeks before the General Election in May, although that support came under the headline “One Last Chance”.Before her current role at the Sun, Ms Wade became one of Fleet Streets youngest ever editors at the age of 31 when she took the top job at the News of the World in May 2000.She had an often colourful reign at the News of the World.After the murder of schoolgirl Sarah Payne she was blamed by critics for driving paedophiles underground and inspiring mobs to run riot in Portsmouth.Ms Wade was vilified for publishing the names and photographs of known sex-offenders to protect children.Some police officers claimed Ms Wades tactics were wrecking investigations.

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