David Rowan: Evening Standard: Matthew Freud and Angus Deayton

by peterjukes

“Matthew’s great skill is he that he can talk, and has relationships with editors,” Borkowski says. “They had Angus bang to rights – so he did a fantastic job to show he was good in bed.”

His widespread influence makes it difficult to find colleagues or even rivals willing to speak on the record about Freud. Anonymously, they describe him as something of a bully: free with threats and manipulative,”too full of himself “, and “very clever but too big for his boots”.

Freud himself does not enjoy being part of the story, dismissing pieces like this as perverse. But if Angus Deayton’s career survives this very public humiliation, he will owe his old friend Matthew big time.

via David Rowan: Evening Standard: Matthew Freud and Angus Deayton.