Is it now Rebekah Wade who has gone into hiding? – Telegraph

by peterjukes

There must be no hiding place for the evil perverts who prey on our children,” sermonised Wade in the editorial, before explaining that she had decided to take “action” for the sake of Sarah Payne “and all the other little victims”.

But it now seems to be Wade herself who is in hiding. The feeling that the campaign was misjudged – and that Wade is coming to realise the fact – has been reinforced by her refusal to defend it publicly.

Since the weekend only a statement from News International under her name has appeared in response to the torrent of criticism. Instead Wade has left it to her deputy, Andy Coulson, and Bob Warren, the executive editor, to fight her corner.

Asked why Wade was refusing to give interviews, a company spokesman said only: “Her priority is to edit the paper and oversee the campaign.” Perhaps Wade is trying to imitate her hero, the notoriously publicity shy Dacre. But whereas Dacre’s track record means his silence seems regal, Wade’s seems like defensiveness.

In opting to start the campaign, Wade had probably taken Dacre as her inspiration. Three years ago he “named and shamed” five men, branding them the murderers of Stephen Lawrence.

Unfortunately for Wade, whereas the Mail’s campaign was greeted with near universal praise, her effort has been roundly condemned. Yesterday, the NoW’s actions were denounced in the House of Lords, while the Press Complaints Commission said it was launching an investigation after receiving its first formal complaint.

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